Abundance Series


If you have an abundance of love and joyfulness in your life, you are no doubt attracting exactly those good qualities into your life while operating under the universal laws of abundance.  The word ‘abundance’ has wrongly been associated with the amount of money a person owns and how many possessions a person has. However, abundance is far more than personal wealth and prosperity.

The Law of Abundance can be defined in many ways – as a science that can bring great clarity into your life; as a philosophy that can broaden your insight; as a vision that can offer you great fortune; as a key to unlocking the mysteries of life; as a process for transformation and as a divine gift to everyone.

Product Description

The law of abundance is at work all the time, operating according to an unfailing formula that leads to an abundance of the very things that we are aligned with at any one time in our lives.  If we are aligned with an abundance of joy and love, then more joy and love will flow towards us.  If we feel rich financially and prosper in all things, we feel the abundance working, and inevitably we attract more of the same into our lives. The law of abundance guarantees abundance of whatever we have abundantly in our lives at the time.

How we make use of the law of abundance is entirely up to us.  If we feel an abundance of lack, pain and misery, the law of abundance is true to itself and we will experience an abundance of more lack, pain and misery.

If, however, we feel an abundance of prosperity in all things, including money and possessions, then, according to the law of abundance, more prosperity will be experienced by us.  That is what it means to be in alignment with that which we desire to attract into our lives.  You cannot be in alignment with great wealth when you feel that you are in lack.

Therefore, it is up to us to find gratitude for what we already have, to feel abundantly blessed, and then the law of abundance will start to operate to our benefit, adding more of what we already have, until we have all that we desire.

Abundant living is a mind-set.  Some people feel abundantly rich and blessed with no material possessions, while others who have millions in the bank can be anxious and feel that they will never have enough. Understanding how the law of abundance works will ultimately give us a feeling of control over our lives.  Knowing that whatever we feel we are experiencing currently in our lives will be added to us through the law of abundance, will motivate us to change our minds, and rather focus our attention on thoughts of abundance and gratitude for what we already have, with a healthy expectation that more of the same will be added to us.

The “Abundance Series” ebooks consists of the following to help you live a life of abundance

  • Abundance in health
  • Abundance in wealth
  • Abundance in love
  • Abundance in happiness
  • Abundance in spirituality

All five ebooks and it’s wealth of information are yours for only 2 dollars.