Angelic Reiki


Similar to rich Reiki tradition, Angelic Reiki is a new and powerful healing energy modality. Believed to work hand in hand with Angels to bring a higher form of healing on earth today, it was first introduced to the world by Reiki Master Kevin Core in 2003. Today, it’s use and popularity have risen amongst Holistic Practitioners and today is being taught world wide.

This system of healing works hand in hand with Angelic Realms. It provides a solid system to heal and expand the conscious. It’s a means of personal growth, transforming and readying the ascending. It’s healing for our time realm.

Product Description

This mighty healing modality works along with the higher powers of the Angelic Realm and manifests healing as it balances all of the layers for the healing power. Self healing is possible and this healing can be sent out to others as well as other places and situations both near and far.

Combined with hands on and distance healing, this approach of traditional healing works with the power of the Angels. Angels, spiritual beings created by God to bring messages to earth, work with the system and make use of their presence to mediate the Divine Energy source or the Divine Vibration of healing.

Reiki takes spiritually guided life force and energy through a direct connection with God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit or whomever you choose to recognize. Angels are also able to be called upon and God sends them through Angelic Reiki to accomplish this task. This is how Angelic Reiki is said to work.

The Universe has its own vibration and frequency. Angels have a higher vibration and frequency that do humans. For this reason, Angelic Vibration is said to carry the Divine Vibration in the purest of forms. The healer, and the person who is seeking the healing, are said to receive a down pour of Soul energy and it is said to raise the conscious level of both of them. Old energy and stuck patterns can then be attuned with the Divine Vibration and move from their stuck locations as they are transmuted to this higher vibration. Thus, the person is healed on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels.

This safe and all natural healing method is only to be used to help and heal people. It’s always guided by God or the higher power for the highest possible healing level of the person. Suitable for all ages and no other knowledge is required nor any other healing method experience is necessary. The “Angelic Reiki” ebook will show you…

  • The History Of Reiki
  • The History Of Angels
  • The Difference Between Reiki and Angelic Reiki
  • How Does Angelic Reiki Energy Work
  • And so much more!

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