Delicious Coffee Recipes


The busier society becomes, the more coffee becomes popular. One of the most versatile beverages available, coffee is prepared from beans which are roasted and then have water poured through them. Sounds simple enough but even so, tea which is a close competitor can’t match the popularity or versatility of coffee.

Coffee dates back many centuries. It’s unclear how long coffee’s actually been around, but one thing is certain, it’s one of the most popular drinks available on the market today. In this ebook we’ve assembled the most popular collection of coffee recipes available. Almost 50 pages worth of recipes to satisfy your craving for coffee!

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Although no one knows for sure when or how coffee was discovered, one legend tells us that it was discovered by a Shepherd by the name of Kaldi. He found his goats dancing around a shrub that was heavy with the bright red fruit. When he too ate the fruit, and he also experienced the same energy that his goats had.

Upon sharing his novel discovery with the local monks, the fruit was used to stay awake during the long hours of prayer that were required of them. This mysterious red fruit soon spread to other monasteries and thus started the relationship between the church and coffee.

Walk into any coffee house, and you’ll find a variety of coffee available to customers today. The perfect balance of taste can be selected from a cappuccino or other flavors may be added in for a unique taste treat. As coffee has become more and more popular, espresso machines have become more and more high tech.

Coffee has brought many amazing changes to society as we know it over the last 1,100 years. As coffee spans the globe it connects us with those who are far away. Your cup of coffee could have been in an exotic location at one point in its life just waiting to be shipped to your local grocer.

What’s next for coffee? No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain, you’ll continue to enjoy your gourmet coffee and the wonderful rich traditions that go along with it. Download this Delicious Coffee Recipes ebook today!