Hair Loss Tips


While pharmaceutical companies spend millions in their efforts to develop hair loss treatments that will cost their consumers far higher prices than they can afford, they are failing to address one of the primary causes of hair loss: medications made and distributed by their own companies. You need only read the list of contraindications packaged with your medications to find hair loss is listed as a common side effect. This is especially true of many blood pressure medications. Our three ebooks “100 Hair Loss Tips”, “Hair Loss Basics” and “Hair Loss Prevention” will shed more light on other causes of hair loss you might not know about.

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Diet can be a cause for hair loss. This can be easily remedied or controlled through proper nutrition. Certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies are a primary cause of hair loss. Pay special attention to the amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin E you are getting if this is a concern with you. You will also benefit by incorporating more olive oil, walnuts and fish into your diet, as these have the effect of strengthening your hair.

Products that are designed to counteract hair loss are usually very expensive and are rarely, if ever, covered by health insurance. This is just one more reason to take examine your diet and the medications you currently take. That said, some may consider the additional expense of hair loss remedies worth the extra money.

Stress is also a contributing factor. In this day and age stress is difficult to avoid, but if you suffer from hair loss you may benefit by learning ways to manage your stress. This can be done through exercise, meditation, or by simplifying your life wherever possible. Not all sources of stress are so easily eliminated, but changes in life style, or simply learning to say “no” may prove beneficial.

Sometimes hair loss is genetic. It is also an unfortunate by-product of aging. For many men it can begin as early as college. Employing the above suggestions may show a marked improvement to your hair loss problem. Hair loss can affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. People become very obsessive about it. But, if you’re a young man who is already starting to experience hair loss, there’s no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed. If it’s any comfort, women rarely find hair loss a deterrent to a relationship,

Educating yourself on the subject of hair loss is the best way to deal with it. It is a challenge, but with a healthy diet and awareness of the stresses in your life, along with the right attitude, hair loss can be managed.

For two dollars, you get three ebooks that will educate you on all the information there is regarding hair loss causes and hair loss prevention.