How To Win Friends And Influence People


We humans are social creatures. We need people in our lives to be happy and feel fulfilled. Studies show that people who isolate themselves become depressed and angry. True, a certain amount of quiet time for meditation and introspection is a good thing. But too much alone time is detrimental to our mental and emotional health. We NEED contact with others to keep us balanced. Some people make friends easier than others. Some are natural introverts. But, whether an introvert or extrovert, we all crave companionship in their lives. That is human nature.

How about you? Do you feel you would benefit from having more friends? How does a person go about winning friends? In this computer age, the very definition of “friend” has taken on a whole new meaning. How does a person today go about widening out in their friendships? How can you find real friends who will enhance your life, as opposed to acquaintances or “friends” in the social media sense of the word?

Product Description

The popularity of Internet social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, go to reinforce this very point: people crave social interaction. Many normal people who use Facebook on a regular basis list hundreds, even thousands, of Facebook friends. But are these social media friends “real” friends? Are they interested in your well-being, in developing a close bond with you? Some may. Many Facebook friends are friends from in your real world – people from school, work or perhaps church friends.

The first step in attracting healthy friendships in the non-cyber world is to know how to be a real friend yourself. You want to build healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial, relationships in which all involved benefit. Ask yourself: What am I looking for in a friendship? What kind of friends will benefit me in a positive way? In this process of widening out, you want to develop friendships that bring fulfillment to both of you.

We all have acquaintances we may enjoy in a limited sense: work mates, for instance. They certainly have their place and in that given setting can even be beneficial and supportive. But on a personal level, we need to find people who share our interests, who will stick with us through thick and thin, who know how to keep a confidence. A good friend will build us – not to be confused with flattering us – and will be supportive and have our best interests at heart. This kind of true friend is a rare and precious gift.

So, take a close look at yourself. Can you be that kind of friend? You need to phase out the “friends” in your life that do not make you a better person. The drama queens. The gossips. The trouble-makers. The users. Replace them with people who demonstrate the qualities of a good friend. Learn to identify these kinds of friends. Knowledge is the key. It can make all the difference in how your life plays out and the person you become in the future. In our ebook ” How To Win Friends And Influence Others”, you will learn such thing as

  • The Social Needs of Human Beings
  • Recognizing a True Friend
  • 21st Century Friendship
  • Friends at Work Vs. Social Friends
  • Why You Need Friends
  • Creating Impressions on People
  • Internet Friends and Impressing Others Online
  • And much, much more …

So give this ebook a read, and see how it helps you to make an impact on the world.