The Goal Setting Success Guide


It is quite common when setting goals to suddenly realize that the goals one has set are not going according to the plan. Often, this results in a complete failure of reaching the goal. As this pattern continues, some never seem to understand why they aren’t reaching their goals. While they certainly have the potential for success, they don’t seem to have the wisdom to see their goal setting through to the end and attain the desired results. Unfortunately, their vision and motivation aren’t enough to get them where they desire to be. It could easily be described as the shock when a caveman suddenly jumps into a vehicle but doesn’t understand why it ran out of gas. They have the best of intentions but simply don’t seem to attain the proper results no matter how hard they try.┬áThis ebook will help you change all that.

Product Description

Goal setting is an art. If one sets attainable goals one won’t find themselves stranded wondering why they aren’t going anywhere. The “The Goal Setting Success Guide” ebook will show you how to set attainable goals in both your personal and business life and reach the successful end results. You’ll be successful beyond your wildest dreams and you can stand proud and tall and know that you’re successful.

In 1979 a Harvard study discovered that only a mere three percent of the MBA students ever entered the university having clearly written out goals and their plans to achieve them. Surprisingly that same three percent were the ones who were earning almost ten times the amount of the remaining 97 percent. Obviously, having a clear and concise goal will help you to plan and achieve your future goals and increase your likelihood for success. Following our guidelines you too can achieve your goals and be one of the top three percent and fulfil your dreams.

Effective goal setting will help you to establish realistic goals. Basing your goals on proper vision and your strong personal values will help you to monitor your progress and make the necessary changes required to remove any unforeseen obstacles which can arise and cause you to change direction.

You’ll learn to distinguish between a fanciful dream type goal and a goal that is based upon reality. You’ll also learn how to plan and prepare yourself for any unforeseen obstacles that will require you to adjust your goal or your plans. Learning these skills is a valuable tool in and of itself. Once you learn how to visualize your success realistically, you’ll be ahead of the game. Imagine how great you’re going to feel when you reach your goals successfully each and every time. You’ll be successful and it will be due to your diligence and learning these valuable skills.

What you will discover in the “The Goal Setting Success Guide” ebook

  • Establishing Realistic Goals
  • VIPER Goal Achievement Strategy
  • Vision to See Things Clearly
  • Maneuvers in Developing Tactics
  • Writing Effective Self Affirmations
  • Staying Motivated and Determined
  • Setting Goals Based on Values
  • Monitoring Progress and Taking Action
  • And much, much more …

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