Visualization Manifesto


When you focus on imagining and seeing the outcomes you want in your mind’s eye, you can actually impact your experience of life. This technique is known as visualization, and it is the foundation of the power of positive thinking. Far from being an “airy-fairy” myth, this powerful technique is often used by professional athletes to attain peak athletic performance. Visualization allows you to imagine the best possible outcomes to important events in your life and rehearse them in advance. It is a technique that gives you a definite edge.

Effective visualization involves imagining the outcome you seek in great detail and focusing on it by engaging all of the senses. As you meditate on your desired outcome, you should be able to see, feel, smell, hear and touch the experience in your mind’s eye. An example of this might be a golfer who envisions taking a perfect stroke over and over until he has a strong muscle memory of the precise skills needed to attain his goal.

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In addition to its practical applications in sports psychology, visualization has a long history of being used to attain spiritual goals, and it is an important element of the practice of Buddhism. The Vajrayana Buddhist tradition employs visualization as a tool to reach Buddhahood.

Visualization has many supporters in high places. Among them are Ronnie Bernard,Bill Gates,Anthony Robbins,Arnold Schwarzenegger,Tiger Woods and Oprah Winfrey.

Another famous person who uses visualization to attain goals is the actor, Will Smith. Within the last five years, he has stated that he makes regular use of visualization to overcome challenges. Furthermore, he said that he visualized his current success for many years before he actually became successful.

Visualization techniques can take very solid forms. In the late 1980s, before Jim Carrey skyrocketed to success, he wrote himself a check for $10M. He notated the check for acting services and dated it Thanksgiving 1995. He set to work visualizing earning this $10M, and in 1994 he signed the contract for the movie, Dumb & Dumber. The job paid exactly $10M.

It’s easy to see that our thoughts influence our reality, so it is very important to focus on and visualize the positive and avoid negative thinking. Prevent negative influences from entering your thought stream and poisoning your success. Instead, focus your creative thoughts on your hopes, dreams and desires. You will be amazed by how effective this technique is in manifesting what you want in life.

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